Why To Buy Safe YouTube Views

Everyone wants to be popular and with social media it is not seen as too difficult. Just a video of someone singing a good song can go viral, it could be you as well. With social media everyone feels that they have a hidden talent that can make them popular in YouTube. There could also be a company that is coming up with a new product and would want to sell their product by way of having a YouTube video.

However, as one will realize soon that it is not very easy to get the views and likes. Even if the video or the product is too good, unless people know about it they may not see it and the more the video is watched, the more it gets popular and in turn gets more views, It is a vicious cycle and has to be triggered at first. How to get those first few thousand views is a real problem and once that is achieved, things just multiply from then on.

One way to do this is to buy YouTube views. There are many bots available that can just run by a program and make YouTube think that a thousand views had been done. However this only paves way for the video to be penalized by search engines and it is not safe, any further videos you post could also get negative ranking. Thus it is important to buy safe YouTube views.

There are companies that help you get the views and that too safely and there are some good sites as well that also give you tips on how to increase your views and likes. Marketing is key, just buying views only goes to an extent but marketing especially in social media is really what would help in making a video go viral. Having quality content also has its advantage.…

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How Drones Might be soon in the Shopping Mall?

There seems to be kids flying drones everywhere but could this become commercial? Although we might still be a few years away from having flying cars and skateboards like in the Back to the Future movies, the days when our shopping goods will be delivered from the mall to our houses be little flying robots might not be that for off.  It might sound like science fiction, but major businesses are looking into drone technology to turn this idea into science fact.

A delivery drone with a pizza box

Drone Delivery

Back in the early 90s, business insiders knew that the internet was destined to become a big part of the commercial goods industry, but now in 2018 its clear that the internet is the industry, with good bought online far outweighing those bought in stores.  The big issue with internet shopping is delivery, with around 70% of consumers reporting some form of delivery problem in 2017, most commonly late, lost or damaged parcels.  In order to counter this and make delivery fast and more efficient, big retailers are looking to drone delivery as the answer, especially in big cities where traffic congestion presents difficulties.  Amazon itself is even envisaging having a drone delivery hive in every city in the future, and a fleet of drone delivery service robots to drop of the goods to every household.  So the time when a flying R2D2 or BB8 might deliver the latest kids gadget or toy might be closer than you think.

Drones and Shopping Malls

But it’s not just the online retailers that are investing in this space age technology.  Shopping mall designers and architects are trying to protect the bricks and motor establishments from going out of business completely by turning good old faithful malls into drone ports.  With Drone parcel services, malls should be able to compete with online sellers, or at least, that’s what they are hoping for.

The idea is to turn these malls into giant warehouses with facilities for massive numbers of drones to take off an land.  Just look at the amazing concept art below; it looks like something from a Steven Spielberg movie!

The Future is Still Unclear

While the prospect of having drones deliver all our good is indeed a thrilling one, it might still be a while before it really takes off (pun intended).  While companies such as Amazon and Google are testing drone delivery technology as we speak, there’s still a lot of things that need to be sorted out long before delivery drones are a part of everyday life.  How safe are they?  How will they be protected against thieves? What happens if a fully loaded drone has a malfunction and crashes? Most of all, it is going to take a lot of effort to convince our governments that drone technology is not going to cause more problems than it solves, as two recent cases in the UK showed when hobby drones almost caused major aircraft accidents.  We can’t have innovation without regulation, while we …

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As commonly as drugs may be available and used, they are still a strict ‘no-no’. In order to keep drug consumption and abuse in check, drug tests are often conducted at workplaces, in order to continue your existing job or even to get a new job.

In case if you have had any recent encounter with drugs in the recent past, you could fail the drug tests. To add to your woes there are some new technology drug tests that are able to detect toxins from drugs that date back to many days.

One of the latest drugs testing technology is testing the hair follicle. As drug toxins cannot be flushed out of hair follicles as easily, this drug testing method is able to detect drug consumption even as many as 90 days back.

However, having a high-end drug testing method does not mean you cannot pass this test too. This is how I passed my hair follicle drug test, by simply consuming this amazing detox.

What is the technology behind this amazing detox drink?

This detox drink is one of the greatest boons of technology. It has been made using ingredients like water, along with fructose, citric acid, and potassium citrate. It also contains potassium benzoate, ascorbic acid, red 40 and many other ingredients.

These drinks work by creating a masking or hiding effect on the metabolites from the drugs that are commonly seen in the system. This is done by limiting the fat burning process for a period, that prevents the breakdown or exit of toxins into the system.

However, these detox drinks can function effectively only for a limited amount of time that does not exceed a few hours. But within that time frame, it is known to successfully mask the drug toxins and metabolites of the system.

You can assist by further flushing your system off whatever remaining toxins from the system. For this, you can drink huge amounts of water, fruit juices etc that will help.…

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Why I Love Tech And Gaming

So, I came across this wonderful portal!

I was randomly browsing the internet one day and I came across this wonderful website that teaches children about technology through the medium of games. It is called gamestar and I am surprised really that not many people whom I knew even knew there was something like this.

This is because the moment I did my research on this and I was satisfied that this one is legit and this is what I wouldn’t mind my fifth grader son to do while doing his lessons or working on his projects, I also put a review of it on my facebook and twitter handle. I got a lot of response from not only my friends but also the general public thanking me for bringing such a superb site to their notice!

Social media is so helpful!

My children, both are home schooled and I am forever looking at ideas and concepts to be able to be an effective teacher and to make sure that he is efficiently homeschooled. In my bid, I have discovered a lot of websites, but till date this one is the best of them all.

The program’s superior design:

You must use the program to understand how a simple program can be so efficient is driving home the complex designing and technical points of any working model home to a child. It is said that doing and learning is the best method to be followed and this program does exactly that. There are no two opinions about the fact that my son has definitely benefitted immensely from the site and is gearing to do and learn a lot of projects on his own.

The approach is realistic:

Another good point about the website is that the projects are categorized age wise and therefore it makes sure that they are addressed to children in the right age group and with specific set of skills. There is a world of learning that your child can do only by logging on to the site and exploring for say one hour daily! Try it!!

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How to become a popular Youtuber?

Youtube is the famous Video media which is famous throughout the world because of its great videos up loaders and the respectful followers. Creating our own videos and making them with popular with huge number of followers is often a fun and also a great thing to do. People who love to show case their talent through some media, selects Youtube channels to do so. Youtube channels are also utilized by business organization to promote their business through video advertisements.

Skills and smart actions are always important to succeed in any field that implies for a Youtuber too. Let it be a product or talent, we always need a platform to bring it out. Such an awesome platform is the Youtube and it requires smart skills and crisp matters to attract viewers as well as subscribers.

Consistent methods of hard work of making videos should be followed in all the videos to make it popular. Hard and smart skill work is the most important key point to be considered to become a popular one. Watch other Youtube channels carefully and become their genuine follower. Follow the rules that are seriously followed by the serious Youtubers.

Content is the important key to turn on your followers. Never allow them to jump off with the worst content. Always be crisp with your points and try to attract people with your smart and crisp videos. It is not a mandatory thing that the video should be too long to attract people. No!!! It should be short and sweet. People should believe as a provider of good videos of the specific topic that you have chosen. Insert some important videos about the trending topics which might also make you popular. There are many Youtubers who act as a group and nowadays Youtube trends Kaufen.…

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STD tech: science behind home testing

The concept is universal that STD testing could be a bit intimidating or embarrassing or both to certain people. The concept of home testing evolved when a large section of people did not prefer going to the labs to get themselves checked for STD. the symptoms could be a little confusing as a normal yeast infection also has similar symptoms as STD. This is one reason why people prefer to anyway get checked for STD to rule out any symptoms but they do not want people around to know they are getting tested. The confidentiality of the report again is an advantage.

There have been many home testing kits and even mobile device apps which were capable of testing STD symptoms, but these devices could not have been tested for all the scenarios although they work fine on major cases. There are several entrepreneurs who have come up with home testing kits and have created an awareness among a large section of people how much it is important to get tested for STD when their symptoms. Early identification implies the treatment could be made simple and even ailment is possible in certain cases.

If you are a medicals student who is familiar with all the parts of your body and do not feel bad on seeing your blood and do not mind pricking to collect a sample, it is an indication that you could actually go in for a home test kit. There are several organizations which offer a home sample collection where they come to your place and collect all your samples and you do not have to run or hop between various medical centers to get all your tests done. Instead you could choose std testing at home and get yourself confidentially tested and await your results.…

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Is it possible to stay anonymous on the internet?

Internet is a community, which works to bring people together and give away knowledge. With this view, it lets everyone to look for each other and make connections. However, when the sole purpose takes a different trajectory, we start looking for hideouts. We wish to be there but work incognito.

To achieve internet anonymity, practicing a few things can work. Try these –

  • Operating system with encryption – Use an OS which either uses hardware based encryption or software based encryption. There are quite a few good ones available in the market, truly checking undue activities like locking out users entering too many passwords. As a testimony, I must add, I made my instant virtual credit card here with no worries thereafter.
  • VPN – Using a VPN is, by my guess, the best way to keep your identity unknown.
  • Tor – This new browser which comprises tools, browsers etc is a whole system in self. It will help keep your connection anonymous.
  • Plug–in – However tough it looks, but if you are really wishing for anonymous browsing, then avoid installing plug-ins. They fetch clues that reveal identity and whereabouts of your connection.
  • Firewall – Being at a firewall will keep you secure and hide you from hackers, or will give hackers a real hard time to the point of giving up.

Anonymity has diverse significance for everyone. What we spoke about above will fetch you anonymity from hackers and misusers. Having said that, some people just want relief from advertisers and company customer cell calling them; for that, you may download any one from the various ad blockers available on the web.

While being anonymous on the web has its pros, cons are no less. You may be missing a lot by hiding your identity for the fear of being tracked. Better off! Browse secure with original identity!


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Mark The Visionary In Text Campaign

Every day one needs to delete a minimum of hundred text messages. Some are so irksome that the very number which sends or the look of the text goads you to erase it. Something is certainly wrong with the way the SMS is presented. There are number of industries dealing with SMS marketing. Some are successful others aren’t. Being innovative is the key factor. . It is a fact that 99% of messages are read within minutes of receiving it. It takes even lesser time to make an opinion. Thus the choice of the marketing platform is very crucial.

Mark is a company which delivers reliable bulk messages which engage and lure audience/customers with a very dedicated team of youth who grew up messaging. A very Professional SMS Marketing Platform which meets all your needs. Mark uses the best API (Application Programming Interface) to delimit the boundaries of bulk and mass messaging for marketing purposes. A program which makes it easy to log in from anywhere to create send bulk messages anywhere in the world.  t is also equipped with many interactive tools to engage and boost leads and sales of your product. Mark also helps to keep track and maintain customer responses for future references. It also segregates your contacts according to the reviews. The communication can be easily integrated with social media.

A fixed message pricing which gives you hassle free service. A one-time payment is required for keywords and phrases. All messages are monitored and tracked to prevent misuse and negative marketing. A step by step demo to help in self-learning which guides you to phrase and create the most eye catchy texts. The best in the market, so sign up to get a firsthand experience into SMS marketing.…

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Analog vs. digital synthesizers

Synthesizers could be digital, analog or even virtual. With the advancement in the field we now have numerous options. But it is difficult to actually understand which one is the best. It is actually come to a conclusion whether the digital synth or the analog synth is better. But knowing the good and bad in both can help understand which one would suit you.

Analog synth:

An analog synthesizer, as the name indicates synthesizes the music in an analog form, in the form of waves, triangle, saw, sine and more. The shape of the wave would depend on the actual sound. Saw waves of different frequencies are usually created for buzzy sounds. All the smooth notes are characterized by uniform sine waves. There are actual analog circuits that process these waveforms in the analog synth. These are the original synths that were developed in the early days when synthesizers were made. They continue to be a favorite among the music lovers mainly because of the raw sound that the conventional hardware produce. The classy feel to this type of synth is something that is hard to replace.

Digital synths:

For those who are looking for a compact option then the digital synth has the benefit of packing an efficiency similar to that of the analog synth in a smaller body. If you are looking to perfectly customizing your sound you might find an analog synth to be an easier option. Though the digital synth does allow you to do this, the task might be a tad bit difficult. But for a beginner the digital synth with its easy to use clean layout might be more appealing. The powerful preset option that are provided generally on the digital synths are the other major attractions of these modern time synthesizers. You always have the choice of choosing those that come with just the basic features if you are still not confident about using one.…

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The Importance Of 3D Animation In Architectural Presentations

Honestly, before the intervention of the amazing animation technology, how many of you were creative enough to interpret those architectural drawings simulating your beautiful homes? Although the architects were skilled enough to portray those sketches aptly in accordance with the semantics of the architecture, any common human like you and me struggled to visualize the concept, leading to several alterations in the due course of the construction. All these and much more troubles are overcome by the intervention of the 3D architectural animation that visually depicts the ‘true’ meaning of those architectural drawings flawlessly!

The technology has empowered the architectural industry by bestowing various merits, of which this 3D architectural animation is a significant one. The idea of this practice is to visually produce the project to the interested parties so that they understand the concept much better and much ahead. With the aid of the superior software, a 3D movie that depicts the true purpose or the design of the architecture is created so that even the non-technical observers can comprehend the entire process excellently!

The 3D architectural animation is significant because,

  • It is comprehendible

Since the actual requirements expected out of the final construction are depicted clearly using the 3D animation technique not only the engineers involved in the construction but also the end parties for whom it is being constructed could understand, how their expectations are taken care of and, if any changes needed can be addressed much ahead without interrupting the flow of the construction.


  • It is appealing

Naturally, more than those boring sketches, anytime, a 3D movie with those colorful animations would be appealing, instantly capturing the viewer’s hearts and the minds abundantly!

  • Saves cost

Since the concept is well depicted to the intended audiences any flaws or modifications needed could be taken care of much ahead thus, saving those meaningless expenditures.

  • Reusable

Sometimes, it isn’t surprising that the same design is being favored by many different clients, of course, with some minor modifications or fewer alterations. In such situations, the 3D architectural animation helps the creator significantly by saving both their time and energy, as the designs are reusable and can be modified easily according to the client’s expectations.


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Become A Good Photographer

Anyone and everyone has a camera and can buy any camera of their choice. There are no limitations or rules to buy a camera; hence everyone has access to all cameras in the market.

The artistry of photography is such that not only can your high end camera click great photos, but your camera phone can too, if you have the talent to click a good photo. Photography is an art by itself and requires immense attention to details and patience to get the right clicks. Just pointing and shooting will not yield great photos. You need to know what to look for where and how to focus, in order to get the perfect photographs that can turn heads and make people say Wow!

So What Can You Do?

So what can you do to click great photos? Here are a few tips:

The most important thing in clicking great photos is the equipment you use. Go in for a good camera. If you are not a professional and have budget constraints, a small budget camera will also do. You can always buy a lens later and add on to your camera.

Choose the right spots. If you don’t have the freedom or flexibility to choose the spot, choose the lighting. If you have no access to different lighting, choose the time of the day when the natural light is at its best. Early mornings and early evenings are the best time for photography. The sun’s rays won’t be too strong to cause a bleach effect at the same time you have enough natural light to get great photos.

Get some skills. You don’t have to go for a full course in photography. Attend a weekend seminar, workshop or watch tutorials online, if you cannot join a class or a course. Tips from professionals who have tried and tested many techniques can be a great input.…

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My Purse – My Partner!

I am a person who loves to step out, always! I am like a nomad who doesn’t stay in one place. The reason? I just love to go around the town, visit new places, eat different food and meet my friends and just a good time.

Whenever I step out, I ensure am ready for anything. I don’t want to be caught in my summer dress for a night out at the club. So what do I do? I accessorize well. Bags are one of the most important accessories a girl can carry. It can make that summer dress look like a party wear and prevent you from getting glances.

This is why I love my Gucci purses. This brand has class and style etched into every single piece it sells. Be it a handbag, a party clutch or even a men’s wallet, it is nothing short of stylish and classy.

Why Do I Love It?

These bags are just perfect. Here are some of the best things about the bag that I love:

  • They are just classy. They ooze style and class which makes you look absolutely stunning; no matter what you are wearing or where you are going. You can always walk with your head held high with a confidence that you look stylish.
  • The quality is impeccable. The stitches, the zips, etc, are all made of very good quality materials, thus making the bag a very high quality one.
  • The attention paid to details is impressive. Every tiny detail is taken into account, to ensure your Gucci purse looks nothing like the purses in the market.
  • The models that come out every year is revolutionizing the fashion industry. Hence when you carry a Gucci purse or a handbag, you are on top of the fashion game and you attract attention, just like that!


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