Internet is a community, which works to bring people together and give away knowledge. With this view, it lets everyone to look for each other and make connections. However, when the sole purpose takes a different trajectory, we start looking for hideouts. We wish to be there but work incognito.

To achieve internet anonymity, practicing a few things can work. Try these –

  • Operating system with encryption – Use an OS which either uses hardware based encryption or software based encryption. There are quite a few good ones available in the market, truly checking undue activities like locking out users entering too many passwords. As a testimony, I must add, I made my instant virtual credit card here with no worries thereafter.
  • VPN – Using a VPN is, by my guess, the best way to keep your identity unknown.
  • Tor – This new browser which comprises tools, browsers etc is a whole system in self. It will help keep your connection anonymous.
  • Plug–in – However tough it looks, but if you are really wishing for anonymous browsing, then avoid installing plug-ins. They fetch clues that reveal identity and whereabouts of your connection.
  • Firewall – Being at a firewall will keep you secure and hide you from hackers, or will give hackers a real hard time to the point of giving up.

Anonymity has diverse significance for everyone. What we spoke about above will fetch you anonymity from hackers and misusers. Having said that, some people just want relief from advertisers and company customer cell calling them; for that, you may download any one from the various ad blockers available on the web.

While being anonymous on the web has its pros, cons are no less. You may be missing a lot by hiding your identity for the fear of being tracked. Better off! Browse secure with original identity!