A Guide to Selecting Full Frame DSLR Cameras

The market is flooded with lot of DSLR cameras, many of which are crop frame DSLRs. They come with various special features to attract the customers. Some have features similar to that of full frame cameras but with an affordable price tag. But for serious professional photographers, full frame DSLR cameras are still the best choice as they have their own advantages compared to crop frame DSLRs.

“Full Frame” camera means a camera with zero crop factor. The digital sensor in a full frame camera is same as that of 35mm film. Hence, the photos don’t get cropped and you get whatever the focal length is. Full frame cameras need not cope-up with the crop factor and hence, the problem faced with taking pictures is minimal. On a full frame DSLR, file size and pixel count is at the higher end.

Having talked about the advantages of choosing a full frame DSLR, the main problems in a Full Frame Camera are the cost, its weight (full frame DSLRs are large and heavy) and its lens availability. Though the field of view is advantageous for Landscape photographers, it is still not preferred by wildlife photographers.

There are few full frame DSLR cameras in the market you might consider if you are serious about making a career in photography. They are

Canon EOS 5D Mark II

Canon fans would certainly love this. Though there are other Canon cameras with top of the range features like the Canon EOS 1DS Mark III, the Conon EOS 5D has enough features for satisfying the photographers. It has a lighter body and is cost effective when compared to the other full frame cameras in the market. It is also compact with 21.1MP resolution and has a full HD video mode. The image quality of this camera is amazing is the most preferred camera for shooting films.

Nikon D700

The full frame DSLR camera Nikon has the D3X and D700 to its credit. While the D3X has a resolution of 21.1 MP, it costs more than $6000. But the D700 has only 12MP but otherwise an awesome camera. Its built and fast frame rate of 5fps still makes it advantageous over its rivals.

Pentax K-1

Joining the bandwagon is Ricoh’s Pentax K-1. This Pentax full frame DSLR 35mm megapixels of resolution is the latest talk of the town in the market. The high resolution makes it possible to take photographs of very high quality. Another strong feature of this camera is its strong image stabilization system and this allows for up to 5 stops of shutter speed settings. Priced below $2000, Pentax has become one of the best quality full frame DSLR in a competitive price range.

If you are planning to buy any of the full frame cameras and want to travel with it to long distance places, then do not forget to buy a DSLR camera backpack along with it. As full frame cameras are usually heavy in nature and you invest a lot in these cameras, camera backpacks will help to protect these cameras as they separate the camera kit from the other items you carry along with them.