As commonly as drugs may be available and used, they are still a strict ‘no-no’. In order to keep drug consumption and abuse in check, drug tests are often conducted at workplaces, in order to continue your existing job or even to get a new job.

In case if you have had any recent encounter with drugs in the recent past, you could fail the drug tests. To add to your woes there are some new technology drug tests that are able to detect toxins from drugs that date back to many days.

One of the latest drugs testing technology is testing the hair follicle. As drug toxins cannot be flushed out of hair follicles as easily, this drug testing method is able to detect drug consumption even as many as 90 days back.

However, having a high-end drug testing method does not mean you cannot pass this test too. This is how I passed my hair follicle drug test, by simply consuming this amazing detox.

What is the technology behind this amazing detox drink?

This detox drink is one of the greatest boons of technology. It has been made using ingredients like water, along with fructose, citric acid, and potassium citrate. It also contains potassium benzoate, ascorbic acid, red 40 and many other ingredients.

These drinks work by creating a masking or hiding effect on the metabolites from the drugs that are commonly seen in the system. This is done by limiting the fat burning process for a period, that prevents the breakdown or exit of toxins into the system.

However, these detox drinks can function effectively only for a limited amount of time that does not exceed a few hours. But within that time frame, it is known to successfully mask the drug toxins and metabolites of the system.

You can assist by further flushing your system off whatever remaining toxins from the system. For this, you can drink huge amounts of water, fruit juices etc that will help.…