I know of couples who have had a bitter end to their relationship because they were too long on their devices and had hardly any time or took any concerted effort to be with each other. There are soaps and enough movie plots made to show how people lose themselves to online people even without once having met them. But have you wondered if technology can be even used to bringing the couple together?

So, this project that we undertook in graduation was one of the best ideas that our professors thought and it had become viral since!

For the sake of an experiment, we set up two dating couple over long distances to create an atmosphere that was conducive to the thing we were trying to arrive at.

Let us call the couples A and B. couple A is a long distance couple who spend their time emailing, texting and talking online most part of the week after work and Couple B is one that is also long distant but they play and compete for games instead!

We realized that both the couples did pretty well on the emotional side but couple B had a healthier relationship than Couple A whose relationship was beginning to get toxic in a few months’ time!

Couple B who competed on various game forums and even at casinos was doing really well on the relationship side and this is precisely what we wanted to prove.

After a pause of six months we swapped the couple:

The results were as predicted. This time the couple A that was playing games over the internet was back to being strong and we could see strains of distress in Couple B who was only on texting and mailing mode.

We shared the research on various planes and have got a standing ovation at various forums for thinking it on lateral line and also out of the box. We also take surveys and sales report writing for outside companies.

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