Various Solar Panels And Generators

Sun is the main source of energy for earth. It can be of great help when the energy from the sun is utilised properly. It can be used to boil water or can also be used to provide electricity to home or in remote places. What is the need of wasting money on electricity, when the energy of sun is readily available readily? There is no point in wasting such freely available clean energy. Many have understood the importance of this and have decided to go solar.

Once decided to go solar, a lot of questions would arise in one’s mind about choosing the best solar panel, generator, battery and other such components. Since it is not so widely used there are a lot of doubts in mind of common man. One may also get puzzled by the number of panels and generators available in the market. Don’t Worry!! Here is a crisp information about various panels and generators used.

Some of the best solar panels are:

Renogy 100 Watts: If you are new to solar panels, then this is the best solar starter kit that could be used. It is one of the best one for off grid applications. Whether you like to have it in your RV or a boat you can easily fix it.

Renogy 200 Watts: It is also best for off grid applications. An additional advantage of using this kit is that it provides best help when travelling in a low light environment. The only disadvantage in this is , it cannot produce more power and it is limited.

windy nation: It is one of the panels that could be used off grid in remote places. Though it is popular and remains one of the best, it has certain limitations.

Apart from the various panels used, generators are important to provide electricity at times when there is no power supply. Goal zero generator is one of the best generators available in the market today. There are various other generators that could fit your applications. So, it is better to search for the best suitable one before investing on it.

Some of the best solar generators that are available are:

Goal zero yeti 150: This is the best among the solar generators. It is very light and could easily be carried . If you find your tablets or smart phones out of charge in a jungle or at any remote location, then you can definitely rely on this. It is best for your power needs during your travel or camping.

Goal zero Yeti 400: It is one of the best solar generators. It can be charged quickly and could work better if you had at least two portable solar panels. It could easily be carried in your vehicle.

Renogy firefly: This portable generator comes in a single piece. It is an all in one generator which means it comes with a panel and inverter. It is very easy to use. It is best for off grid applications.

If you like to know more about the panels and generators, do not hesitate to peep into It contains lot of details on various brands. One could also compare various generators and panels before purchasing it. Visit this site to do a proper research and then you can decide for yourself.