I hoped I had never ever wanted one of this!

But hey! It was so tempting the first time I saw it that I knew I wanted to acquire it for my new car. My wife and teen kept rooting for it too. I found the price a little on the higher side and almost started to look for an alternative but in my heart I knew that if the price is high and I am so desperate to have it even in spite of the price, there must be something special in it and if there is something special the price that it is pegged at is probably justifiable!

Okay, enough of suspense!!

What is it, what is it exactly, you ask? It is the new car mobile battery charger cum car locator cum battery strength indicator cum car freshness indicator, phew! And also a few other things!

This small palm-sized remote like the thing is so many things rolled into one that I must confess that I have fantasized about it ever since I first set my eyes on it as an automobile fair here in the UK. The fair was a great success and there were mind-blowing car parts; each stall outdoing the other. But this one caught my fancy. There’s a lot of car parts for sale here too. The prices after discount were so attractive that I was tempted into buying a great cushion set for the backseats, a nice new ham radio extension kit, and lovely and innovative car stickers!

Have you been stranded in a car park wondering where you parked it?

If you have ever been here once, you will know what kind of torture it is to lose your mind because you forgot where you had parked your car; it is nightmarish. This smart remote control can help locate the car by beeping at the touch of a button provided you have connected to the car’s control and have left it open at the time of parking. Believe me; this feature has saved me from embarrassments and a lot of trouble strolling in and out of car parking spaces looking for my darling!