Building blocks and playing with friends outside is something that has been replaced with smart toys and high tech gaming gadgets. These toys keep the kids fascinated and let them be engaged for hours together. It is used to keep the kids involved and especially helps to keep them quiet in the public areas.

These gadgets have become great babysitters but do one even realize the cons of using these smart toys? Read more at StarWalkKids how these toys can impact your child’s growth.

Smart toys hinder the development of the child

Reducing unstructured play shows that when parents do not let their kids get enough free play time then this causes the child to have some development issues. They face difficulties in problem-solving and coping in the later stages of their lives.

All these are important for the child and smart toys hinder this growth. The smart games are designed to not encourage flexibility and then end up guiding the kids instead of letting them solve their own problems. A smart toy also does not let the child develop his interpersonal skills.

Too much of screen time at a young age

The smart toys let the child use gadgets that they would be using in the later stages of their lives. These smart toys make the child get addicted to screen and this causes a lot of effect on their mental and physical health.

As per studies too much of screen time reduces the cognitive and language development in kids.

Leads to obese children

The smart toys do not want the child to move about. Allthatthechild has to do is to sit in one place and play with the smart toys. So kids do not runabout and this hampers their physical wellbeing. Children who play with smart toys a lot tend to be obese. It is thus important that children indulge in activities and smart toys inhibit it.