Why Should Every Performer Own a Microphone?

In this not-so-perfect world, no one can expect to give a phenomenal performance. Any experienced performer would be able to relate to what is being said here. There are lots of hitches one might encounter during a live performance – a faulty cable, a microphone without a proper stand, a troublesome mic, sparks everywhere from the equipment setup and the list goes on.

But the most important equipment that every performer relies upon is the microphone. The whole performance goes for a toss if the microphone is not perfect. So, what can we do about it? The best option is to own one and carry it wherever you go! Buy Microphones – Best Prices online!

Benefits of Carrying a Microphone

Confidence Level: The important aspect about carrying your own microphone is that it simply boosts the confidence level. This is because you know how you sound on your microphone. Hence, wherever you perform you need not worry about the quality of your voice / your instrument’s sound that reaches the audience. It helps in improving the performance and the level in which it reaches the audience.

It shows Professionalism: The audience admire you for the way you show professionalism. If you are going to carry your own microphone like any other instrument like the guitar, extra strings, tuners, etc., people are certainly going to observe the professionalism you show to deliver a good performance. The way you communicate with the sound engineer and others will be completely different and will spread a positive message to them. Chris Martin, a thorough professional, uses Shure SM7B microphone. Watch Coldplay use Shure sm7b review it for more details.

Also, when the house microphone has a problem, it is always better to carry your own so that it can be used without disrupting the show. It is a good solution to keep things running smooth. Want a microphone suitable for live sound, sophisticated recording and commercial broadcast? Try Heil PR40.

Hygiene: Would you like to share a microphone used by hundreds of musicians over a longer period? It is not a matter of comfort. It is always comfortable to use your own microphone as you feel hygienic with your own piece of instrument. Lot of live performance establishments might keep their instrument clean but you can’t rely on it. Better to buy one to safeguard your own health.

Reliability: What if the venue where you go don’t have a quality sound system? No one wants a performance to become unreliable. Everyone wants to give a performance that would entertain the audience and would keep them at an edge. Some small venues don’t have reliable sound system as they don’t have a fixed schedule for music. By bringing a personal microphone, you can avert this problem to an extent. It will give a consistency to your performance. Finally, what matters is the way you connect to the audience.

When you are buying a microphone for your own use, why not try the top wireless microphones available in the market? They are great as you are free to move without getting stuck in one place making your performance more reachable.